Welcome to the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

From Europe to Agadir
You find many direct flights from European destinations to Al Massia Airport. Once arrived at the airport we will bring you to our surf camp. Pick ups and drop offs are included in our packages. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with planning your trip.

From Marrakesh to Agadir
There are several ways to get from the most famous Moroccan city to the most famous surf mecca:

Bus We recommend 2 bus companies: www.supratours.ma and www.ctm.ma . They offer connections nearly every hour and the 3-4 hours bus ride costs between 120 and 200 Dirham (10-18€) and is thus the cheapest option. You arrive in the centre of Agadir where we pick you up and bring you directly to the Surf Soul House .

Taxi Probably the easiest and fastest way to get from Marrakesh to Tamraght is by taxi. The prices for this 3.5 h drive start from 120€ to 150€. We are happy to book a transport for you and to make sure you don’t get lost.

Rent a Car Another option is to rent a car, which offers you the greatest flexibility starting from 250DH/day. Stop whenever you want, make short side trips and enjoy the advantages of your independence. You can find a lot of offers online and we are glad to help you organising your trip.

Check In / Check Out
You can arrive any day you want. Check In time is after 4 PM but if the room has been cleaned and is ready before 4 PM, you may have access to the room. Otherwise leave your luggages in the reception and drink a relaxing Moroccan tea on the rooftop. Check Out time is at 10 AM, but also depends on your departure time. Don’t hesitate to ask us for flexible check in and check out.

Winter, from December to February, is very mild, especially during the day, since the maximum temperatures are about 20 °C , while sometimes at night it can be cold, since the minimum temperatures can drop below 5 °C . The rains are rare: sometimes it does not rain for a whole month. We can not exclude, however, some waves of bad weather, with quite abundant rains for a few days.

Spring, from March to mid-June, is very mild or pleasantly warm; when the wind blows from the desert, however, it can be hot. Every now and then, thunderstorms can erupt in March and April, and more rarely in May.

Summer, from mid-June to September, is warm and dry. Generally, the weather is pleasantly warm, but in the evening or in the early morning it can be a bit cool. In addition, at night and in the early morning, fogs and mists due to the cold sea current can form along the coast, but they dissolve in the warmest hours. Sometimes, however, the wind from the desert can bring hot days, around 40 °C and more, during which, however, the humidity decreases.

Autumn is usually pleasantly warm in October, while in November it is very mild, but at night it can start to get cold. In October, the first rare rains can occur, which sometimes may be more abundant than usual.

Surf Season
The best season to surf in Morocco is from September until beginning of May. Especially in December, January, February and March higher swell has to be expected and therefore is the perfect time for more experienced surfer. In September and October, April and May you can find friendly, mid high waves. The summer months are known for small, smoothy waves.

Water Temperature
Average Water Temperature:
Jan 18°C – Feb 17°C – Mar 17°c – Apr 18°C – May 19°C – Jun 20°C – Jul 20°C – Aug 21°C – Sep 21°C – Oct 21°C – Nov 19°C – Dec 18°C

We recommend a 3.2 wetsuit for the autumn, winter and spring months and a shorty for the summer months July and August. If you tend to be sensitive to cold water, a 4.3 wetsuit should work for you. We provide 3.2 wetsuits for our guests.

We serve a healthy breakfast with oats, fruit salad, bred, jam, amlou, honey, cheese, eggs, msmen, coffee and tea.
A typical lunch at the beach consists of a homemade sandwich, fresh pasta or rice with vegetable, some fruits and cookies.
For dinner, we surf Moroccan meals like Tajine, Couscous, Zaalouk, Pastilla or Tortilla. Please note that we don’t serve meat, fish or chicken everyday to reduce our impact on the environment. Let us know if you have any special dietary requirements (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free), and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Rooftop Life
We spend most of the time outdoor, either on the beach or on the rooftop (dining corner and chilling areas). Make sure you take warm clothes and home slippers like flip flops with you.

Water Policy
True to the principle “Don’t destroy what you came to enjoy” we give our best to manage our surf camp as sustainably and environmental friendly as possible. To reduce plastic waste, we offer reusable bottles for our filtered water. You can also bring your bottle along and profit from endless refill.

Packing List
Summer clothes, hoodies or jackets for the evening, towel for the beach, bikini / board shorts, sunscreen, zink sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, card games, headgear for at the beach (optional), a pen for filling out the entry form on arrival.

Entry Form 
When entering Morocco, you will have to fill out an entry form. For your address in Morocco, please write:
Surf Soul Guest House
Hay Bina
80750 Aourir Agadir

Cancellation Policy
We understand that plans can change. Please let us know immediately by email if you wish to cancel or postpone your stay with us. The refunds depend on the notice period:

Refund of 75% of your offer / package price:  60-90 days before arrival date
Refund of 50% of your offer / package price:  30 – 59 days before arrival date
No refund:                                                                 29 – 0 days before arrival date


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your message.