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We stand for unforgettable surf adventures in Morocco. As an international Moroccan-Swiss team, we welcome you in Arabic, French, English, German and Swiss German. We love what we do and we look forward to surfing the Moroccan waves with you.


Omar is a real ocean lover! Driven by his surf passion he wants to pass on his experience to you and make sure you feel the same way about surfing as he does. As a very experienced ISA certified Surf Instructor and long-standing life guard, he knows exactly what you need to bring you to the next level.

Born in Anza, grown up in Banana Village / Aourir, this local surf dude finds the perfect spots for you in any conditions and takes you on a trip through his country and culture. And be sure: Omar is one of the most entertaining guys under the sun and brings an abundance of fun! You never try – you never know!

Omar speaks: Arabic, Berber, English and French


Andrea is a true pura vida girl: She caught the surf virus in Costa Rica and has to this day not be cured – luckily! The last years she lived between the two worlds of Switzerland and Morocco and finally followed her heart to live life in the rhythm of the waves.
Experienced in project management and working for surf camps, she knows how to make sure that your stay is going to be nothing less than perfect. Thanks to her Master in International Relations she has a special cultural understanding and brings you closer to the Moroccan traditions. Rock the waves with this funny surf chick!

Andrea speaks: Swiss German, German, English and French


Naima will amaze you with Moroccan food. No matter if tajine, couscous or pastilla, your stomach will be spoiled with new local Moroccan food every day.

Saroo & Gudu

These two funny and furry team members will make animal lovers happy: Our dog Saroo and our cat Gudu are always ready for playing and cuddles.


According to the motto “Don’t destroy what you came to enjoy” we run our surf camp as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible: We only buy goods from regional small businesses, cook with local organic products, filter water at home and use reusable drinking bottles to reduce plastic waste. Furthermore the sheeps and goats of our neighbours enjoy the fruit and vegetable waste from our kitchen. Our surf camp is a place where you can celebrate and enjoy nature!

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