We take you to fun and safe beach breaks and start surfing in white water waves. For a fun and safe learn process you get high quality equipment and video and photo feedback. We believe that you learn quicker in small groups of maximum 5 people per surf level.

A typical Surf Soul Rookie:

  • is a total beginner or
  • has tried surfing a few times already
  • is experienced in white water waves or
  • tried to surf in the line up a few times

The focus of this beginner surf package is on:

  • safety instructions
  • right paddle technique
  • catching white water waves and stand up
  • turns in white water waves
  • going to the line up
  • catching the first green waves by yourself

You are already one step further and would like to attend surf lessons for advanced surfers? Then have a look at our Surf Soul Advance package.


Our surf trip to Imsouane will bring you to the longest right hander wave of North Africa! Enjoy the smooth long board waves and the unique vibes of this small little fisher town.

An oasis with fresh natural pools surrounded by palm trees and breathtaking mountains, perfect for relaxing, sunbathing and the highlight, if you dare, cliff jumping. We explore this magical place once a week.

The theory lesson which includes video feedback complements your unique surf experience: Learn important facts about the tides, the waves, the currents and forecasts and what to improve on the surf board. This coaching session ensures the best progress for you.

Keep on surfing: The photo album of your surf stay shows not only amazing memories, but also the goals for your next surf holidays.

Daily schedule


Moroccan breakfast with coffee, tea, bread, jam, amlou, pancakes and eggs


2 hours of surf teaching at suitable surf spots


fresh handmade lunch at the beach


2 hours of supervision and feedback from surf instructors


Moroccan dinner at the Surf Soul House


1) Our philosophy is to surf during the best conditions, that’s why we do not always stick to a fix time schedule: Sometimes we also make one very long surf session, early morning sunrise surf or sunset surf.

2) Surfing or any other activities are not included on the day of your arrival and departure. If you have an early arrival or a late departure, you are more than welcome to join the surf group by adding another full surf day or half surf day in advance or on site.

3) Your week package also includes a full day trip to Paradise Valley. If you decide to go surfing and skip the Paradise Valley trip, you can do that by adding another full surf day or half surf day on site.

4) 6 dinner are included in your 1 week package, so one evening is all yours to explore Tamraght or Taghazout.